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The Caraga Institute of Techonology (commonly abbreviated as CIT) is a private, non-sectarian and non-profit institution located in Songkoy, Kitcharao Agusan del Norte.

The school was founded in 1996 started as 20 students pioneered in tertiary education offering only Bachelor of Elementary Education (BEED) course with only 10 personnel. The founder, Napoleon G. Sadiasa and Thucydides Sadiasa then decided to expand the school to give proper and quality education to the students of kitcharao.

After many successes of the institution, CIT has been existing for more than 15 years through the offering of additional practical courses and increasing student enrollment. It continues to grow even better from time to time, as evidenced by excellent performance in various fields resulting to a graduates shining on national examination boards or may it be in the practice of their profession both in private and public service.

Today, CIT remains to have a competitive and dedicated manpower both administrative and faculty to cont continually serve and provide affordable and exemplary education that is conducive to learning and opportunities to further improve the social and economic status of the students.



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